Rental & Sales policies

Basis of Rental Rates

  • Day Rate is 24 hours out, 8 Hours on the Meter
  • Week Rate is 7 Consecutive Days out 40 Hours on the Meter
  • Month Rate is based on 28 to 31 consecutive days out and 160 Hours on Meter

Identification required for Rental of Equipment

  • 2 Pieces of Id Required for all Rentals.
  • Washington State Drivers License Current
  • Or A
  • Washington State ID Card Current
  • And 1
  • Major Credit Card
  • Current Vehicle Registration w/ Proof of Insurance
  • 3 Months of Utility Bills that are current

Charge Accounts may be set up with approval of your credit application by AA Tool and Equipment Rental.


Requirements for Deposits are:

  • On Cash to be determined by management
  • Major Credit Card
  • Open Check, requires previous rental history.

Sales of Equipment:

  • Payment is Due upon Receipt of Equipment

Delivery is available for an additional charge and minimum 1 day rental charge

Policy on Reserving Snow Removal Equipment

If your company or organization wishes to have a piece of equipment reserved for snow removal. We charge the following:

  • A: $395.00 a month retainer fee this is billed the 1st of the month and is due in 10
    days. This is just a retainer fee not part of the rental charge.
  • B: We will deliver the equipment if there is snow in the forecast and start the rent
    when it is delivered. We will stop billing for the rental when you call it off rent
    and we can safely pick up the equipment.
  • C: The following Snow rates will apply.

Policy on Air Compressors During Blow Out Season

  • Blow out season starts September 1st and ends November 30th
  • Air Compressors are rented out for Day or a week with no monthly rates
  • Customer must have an approved account with us.
  • First week of deposit is required at time of reservation on a Credit Card.
  • Credit card will be billed on a weekly basis for weeks rent.
  • Running time allowed on machine is 45 hours a week
  • Fuel will be billed out at the going rate