Reasons to rent construction equipment

1.  Supplementing basic equipment with specific rental machinery only when you need it is a great way to extend your fleet and compete for more jobs.

2. Let someone else handle/pay for the warranty, maintenance and upkeep.

3. Eliminate the need for a large warehouse or storage area.

4. Get exactly what you need rather than trying to “make do” with something else.

5. You won’t have to worry about your current model becoming obsolete or not having the latest safety features.

6. Save money by trimming equipment transportation expenses from job to job.

7. Eliminate the costs and hassles of trying to sell or dispose of old or unused equipment.

8. Avoid any personal property taxes, depreciation issues and license and registration costs for equipment.

9. Free up capital for other needs and a better balance sheet.

10. Rental stores are stacked with the right equipment and accessories, and renting is always more cost effective than buying.